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 Jake One Interview

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PostSubject: Jake One Interview   Jake One Interview Icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 2:09 am

I2G kicked it with the very talented producer Jake One for a exclusive interview. We discuss his upcoming projects, his work with Freeway on last years Stimulus Package and much more so check it out.

I2G is here with Jake One, how’s it going man?

Going good man, just over here watching my daughter, trying to get back to the music.

For those unfamiliar with you as a producer, tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music and who are some of your musical influences out there coming up.

As a kid, I would probably say I was part of that first generation of hip hop kids. Meaning I was listening to hip hop pretty much when it first came out and early on I grew up listening to Run DMC, Whodini, and as far as making beats, I did not start that until around 1995, 1996. I was really inspired by Premier, Pete Rock and those guys and I really started to get more placement for my beats around early 2000. I did a song for G-Unit, I did De La Soul’s Rock Cocaine Flow, I did John Cena’s theme song.

What are you currently working on now that is getting ready to drop either this year or in 2012?

Well I have a entire album with Brother Ali coming out in February, and we are just putting the final touches on it right now. I did 2 songs for Snoop and Wiz Khalifa’s album that they have coming out in December that turned out dope. I have a song on 50 Cent’s new album, I have alot of stuff, I don’t know when you send out beats and people do songs to them, until you get the paperwork back for it, it is hard to feel like it is real.

All of those projects I mentioned I got paid for, so I know they are definitely coming out and it’s real.

Last year you dropped what I consider a personal classic, Stimulus Package with Freeway. Any good memories or studio sessions that stick out to you from that project?

Man we just had alot of fun doing the album, Freeway recorded about half of the album in Philly and the other half in Seattle. I was there for the half he did in Seattle and literally just seeing him walk around for a little bit and come up with a rap so fast, it comes off very natural. I remember we did the song You Know What I Mean and I did that beat with him in mind, and I played him the beat, he thought about the song for about 15 minutes and then just went in the booth and did it.

It was that simple for him, and we actually did a alternate version of a song, I forgot the name of it, with Beanie Sigel that was really dope. We never put the song out because the label wanted the song to be a solo Freeway joint. We had alot of fun making that record and we did alot of shows so I probably have more memories from going on tour more then making the record at this point. That was the first time I went on the road and actually seen peoples reaction to my music. As a producer, you are at times just sitting at home making music and you really don’t get to see how people are reacting to your songs in general.

Do you guys have any plans of making a follow up to Stimulus Package or a sequel to the White Van Music compilation album that you put out a couple years ago?

I have about 2/3′s of White Van Music done, right now I am just waiting on a couple people. It’s hard because a album like that, I put alot of time into putting in together. Sometimes in the meantime I have to take the gigs that are paying the bills, but yeah me and Free are always working. He has a album coming out called Diamond In The Rough and I did alot of songs off that album. I don’t know about a Stimulus Package 2 but I know the new material we did would have been in a similiar vein as that though. I am doing at least half of the production on Freeway’s new album.

One of the things I loved about the Stimulus Package was the artwork. How involved were you and Freeway in the creative process of creating the artwork? It looks just liek a wallet, the bills in there are the album credits.

You know I can’t even front, that was something the graphic designer came up with. Even when they were explaining it to me, I could not envision it but it turned out amazing. People were really hyped about that but yeah me and Freeway came up with the name for it but that is about it.

I know you said earlier that you submit alot of beats and I just wanted to get your feelings on 5 tracks that I like that you produced. First song is Betta Say Somebody by G-Unit.

Man that was one of the first records that I ever did. The thing about that though was G-Unit was REALLY big at that time and I remember I had a regular job at that time. I did the beat and another producer that I know was shopping my beats to people and they purchased it. I was not confident that it was real the entire time, but it was not until that song came out in stores that I knew this was real. I really was very skeptical, but it turned out great. I was thinking wow this is going to be the first time people see me doing beats with some big name artists. So for my first song to be put out by G-Unit, it was definitely a big thing for me and it got me even more placements in the future.

Down In NYC- Evidence

That song even to this day I am surprised that Evidence got on that beat. It had a heavy east coast sound to it and of course with Evidence being from the west coast, I was interested to see what he would do with the beat. But he killed it and I like the concept that the brought to the record. Evidence in my opinion is slept on and his new album Cats & Dogs is dope, it really shows his versitility as a artist.

Armed & Dangerous- Cypress Hill

Alot of people don’t know this but that beat was one of my older ones. I did that beat in 2006 and I was actually in Amsterdam when I got the word that they did a song to the beat. That was always crazy to me because I have been a long time fan of Cypress Hill so to have production on their album was a honor to me. That and Cypress really does do a whole lot of work with other producers, Muggs does the majority of their albums.

Gangbang Rookie- Snoop Dogg. This song for me is probably my favorite beat from you.

Thanks and yeah I agree with you I always thought that song was dope. Just the simple fact that I am from Seattle and Snoop has been putting in down for the west coast for years was enough motivation for me to want to work with him. As much success as Snoop has had in his career, I still feel that he is mad underrated. That was also my first introduction in working with Battlecat, someone I look up to and admire for years. He is going to be doing some work with me on my White Van Music 2 album as well.

It’s funny because some people now are saying I am taking too long with that album and are calling it the underground version of Detox (laughs).

High Note- Scarface. Another dope track and up there as one of my favorites.

Yeah that song was the shit also, one of my all time favorites. Scarface actually personally called me to let me know how much he was digging the beat and how he liked my production. That meant alot to me because I have always been a fan of Scarface’s music. We still to this day talk on the phone almost everyday .

That’s cool, yeah Face is one of the illest in the game, still after all these years. I know also you are doing work with Slim The Mobster. Any work together on his solo album or Detox?

Yeah we worked together on Back Against The Wall on the War Music album. I also have worked with Dr. Dre and Slim on Detox as well. Slim is a talented dude and of course Dre is one of my heroes.

Good to hear. What is your website information?

I pretty much stick with twitter.

Alright well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

Yeah one thing, if you are a fan of the music or simply just like a album, buy it. If you don’t, leave it alone. Because it is starting to get to the point where artists are not going to see any profitable benefits with putting out albums. At the end of the day people are going to do what they want regardless but if the music means anything to you, support it like the artists and producers support the artform and work so hard to build.
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Jake One Interview
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