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 Kokane Interview Part 2

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PostSubject: Kokane Interview Part 2   Kokane Interview Part 2 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 12:17 pm

I2G is back with part 2 of our interview with Kokane. We continue our trip down memory lane of Kokane’s favorite tracks from his albums, his time on Dogghouse/Doggystyle and his work on the classic Snoop Dogg album, Tha Last Meal, what’s next from Bud E Boy Entertainment and much more so check it out.

Part 1:

Lastly, your last album that came out last year, Gimme All Mine. Do you have a favorite track off that?

I actually have 3 tracks on that album that are my favorites. Twilight Zone because it is one of those records that as a west coast pioneer, you always ask the question why is radio not supporting us? Why is it that we can’t get support and help from other outlets, but people from other regions come out here and soak everything up. At the same time I am not crying over spilled milk but in order for us to stop complaining, we need to clean up our own backyard. We can’t keep complaining when everytime a show happens and we keep bringing that same old negativity, if we can’t show these folks on the west coast that we can come together, there ain’t gonna be no west coast.

Twilight Zone is bold and it’s daring because I am saying things that other people might be scared to say because they are afraid to be blackballed. Killing Fields because of the social commentary to really alter your thinking. It’s not done to really change anybody because people need to do that on their own but it is music to make you think. Have You Made A Difference In Your Hood Today is the other one. The music that is governed right now, the people that do it are afraid to disconnect themselves from the negative and talk about something positive.

Some of these rappers especially on the west coast want to go ahead and tell a testimony but they copy and carbon copy everybody else because the way everyone else is following right now. The difference between those artists and myself is that I dare to be different, I dare to say what I need to say. If it is something that is going to help make you think, I will say it. There is one line in that song that is controversial, 2010 banging is played out/how you gonna let a color interfere with your paper route/


It translates to the audience like look it don’t matter if you are a crip or a blood, we got to get this money together. We can’t continue to have egos and it is messing up a whole coast. Those 3 songs that I named in a nutshell they hold dear to my spirit and even though the record sales were not big, the album still made its point.

Recently I was bumping Snoop’s album Tha Last Meal, which I consider his 2nd best album behind Doggystyle. I mean the album could easily be called Snoop and Kokane Present Tha Last Meal with as many features you had on that album. It’s a classic album in my opinion. Do you have any great moments or memories from working on that album and was that the plan you have you featured on it that much? Hennesey N Buddah, True Lies, Yall Gon Miss Me, Go Away, Stacey Adams the list goes on and on.

Well I did not know that I was going to be featured on so many projects. Man we did so many songs over there at Dogghouse and before I got to Snoop…, because I always knew Snoop from the past. Alot of people don’t know that Above The Law was originally going to put out the first Snoop record. But at that time Ruthless and Dr. Dre were going through their thing and Above The Law and myself rekindled the relationship with Eazy E and Dre lefted and did his own thing. In the process, Warren G took Snoop over to Death Row, so going back to Tha Last Meal, all that rheteric was gone because Eazy died and the Death Row era was almost done. Me and Snoop were friends back then and Snoop’s friend Lil Half Dead, I always hung out with him, he took me back to Snoop.

I was originally only suppose to do 3 songs but that turned into 8 songs. That situation was good for me because it allowed me to channel and go back to where Dre was at. Dre had a cut on 2001 called LA Niggaz that I guest appeared on singing the hook. It was good man and definitely with the Eastsidaz, that was a phenomenal group. There is only one group I can compare to NWA, and that is no disrespect to any other group out there, and that group is the Eastsidaz. When they were doing their thing it was fun man making those records because you had a collection of musicians, Fred Wreck, Battlecat, Jelly Roll, Scott Storch, Dre, I mean it was magic man.

Being on those type of records it really uplifted the west coast in my humble opinion. The west coast was cracking, man back then when those records were around. Hell yeah, absolutely Ain’t been cracking since those records came out, well I mean more since that period and to be a part of that magic is a Kodak memory and a thumbprint as far as the west coast and the globe is concerned. People are still rocking that Last Meal album.

I am one of them and that was a classic album. Everything that dropped from Dogghouse it had a cohesive sound, Doggy’s Angels, everything that was coming out was quality. So what’s next from Bud E Boy Entertainment?

Well right now I am just building up the label along with my business partner Stan Sheppard. I got all my albums out of the way and I am dropping singles off of each album but right now I am focusing on my daugther’s career. She is 15 and her name is Aanisah Long and she can sing her ass off fam. The apple does not fall short from the tree, she writes all her own material and she is a brilliant artist. She has a new song called End Of Time and really right now that is my focus.

Stepping into the role of CEO and Executive, it has been well worth it for all the years that I have had to pay my dues. The visuals are going to be put on everything and at this point of my life I have so much joy fam. I just want to be able to give back to the younger generation and by working with my daugther, that is a introduction into that. It is about handing the baton down and we can’t soak all this up by ourselves, you have to give something back to the younger generation that is responsible enough to handle their business and do what they do and something that is positive. Bud E Boy Entertainment is going to be a force to be reckoned with and we have on our thinking caps. It is a war out here and a war is only won with intelligence and that is with anything that you do.

Alright well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

One thing that I want to send out there to the people, God bless yall, and it takes faith to do what you want to do. Never give up on your dreams, and know that all God says is that it takes a little bit of faith. I pray that God continues to bless everybody, have fun at what you are doing and keep it pushing.
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Kokane Interview Part 2
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