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 Scoe Interview (Talks The Influence album, favorite moments from his albums)

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Scoe Interview (Talks The Influence album, favorite moments from his albums) Empty
PostSubject: Scoe Interview (Talks The Influence album, favorite moments from his albums)   Scoe Interview (Talks The Influence album, favorite moments from his albums) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2014 8:03 pm

I2G linked up once again with Scoe AKA Roscoe for another exclusive interview. Our first interview was right before the release of The Influence 1 & 2 mixtapes, which were highly successful. This interview we delved into The Influence album as well as his favorite moments from his solo projects. Enjoy.

I2G is here once again with Scoe, how’s it going man?

Everything is love.

You just recently dropped your new mixtape entitled The Influence. Now that it has been out for a couple of months, how has the reception been for the mixtape?

I’m excited that everyone treats and accepts it like an album, but it was like you said just a mixtape. I dropped The Influence 2 over the holidays but I am going to drop The Influence album sometime this Spring/Summer. I just have a couple tracks to finish up.

Do you have anymore visuals set to drop from either of those projects?

I am focused on The Influence album right now. You will see videos coming up from the album soon and I also have a DVD coming soon called The Influence DVD.

Now the last time we spoke you were working on a book Scodelogic and a movie called Black Jesus? Are you still working on those projects?

The movie Black Jesus is on hold right now but the book Scodelogic is definitely still in full effect. I am just looking for the right funding for it but I am more focused on the music right now. The music is doing great and I am feeling good about it. I am feeling good in the studio and working and I am totally into it right now.

Who are some of the producers that you are working with on the album. Is it the same ones you worked with on the mixtape?

Right now I have this young producer out of Georgia called SM Tracks. He is dope as fuck. I also have this producer that works with alot of artists, his name is Young Prince. We actually just released a record with me and him and Menace.

I just wanted to go over with you some of your favorite tracks or moments from your solo projects. First album is Philaphornia.

Working with DJ Quik, working with Organized Noize, just being able to do my labor of love at my choice and pace and have my brother Kurupt be a part of it. It was all that I could ask for at the time.

I Luv Cali

Yeah being able to do a whole album with DJ Fingaz. That was the original plan when we were putting Philaphornia together but the album turned into something way different. But when I got the chance to do an independent album, the first thing I did was link up with Fingaz.

Frank & Jess Story album with Kurupt

Just the fact that I was able to do a whole album with my brother Kurupt. We always wanted to do an album together and call it Frank & Jess, and we like to do things that we set out to do. Just the accomplishment of completing the album was the most satisfying thing for me.

The Influence 1 & 2 mixtape/album

As far as favorite moments from the album, my favorite is the fact that I own this album, completely independent. I was able to executive produce this album. As far as the mixtapes, I had alot of fun doing them and it was me at my finest when I was at Aftermath. It shows alot of my influence from being at the top of the ranks. Learning from my teachers and being at the top as far as the west coast, you don’t get no higher than Dr. Dre.

So to come up in Tha Dogg Pound and learning from Kurupt, to meeting and working with Daz, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Snoop, Dr. Dre. To show the elevation and show that you can really work your way all the way up no matter what you are trying to do. West coast rap I don’t have to sell 2PAC numbers, I know who I am and what I have done for west coast hip hop and what west coast hip hop has done for me.

It does not matter what anyone says, no one can take that from me. That is what The Influence is all about, and it is not so much about where the influence comes from but more about what the influence made me. Because I was told by somebody that it’s cool that you fuck with DPG and Snoop but you have to find a way to take all of this and make it all about you. That stuck with me and that is all I have been trying to do since then.

As much as I rep Tha Dogg Pound, I am more focused on Roscoe than anything else. I look at every artist as competition, even Dogg Pound artists. Because I am always trying to…, not in a sense of compete against them, but more so to compete with myself. I want to get better and I think the best thing about The Influence is how it happened, where it started at, where it came from, how my whole career has been and to now, executive producing my own project, The Influence album coming this spring/summer.

Do you have any shows or tour dates?

Yeah we are going to have The Influence tour coming up real soon. The dates are to be announced and I am real excited to come out and perform these new records. It’s funny because when you first come out as an artist, and you do your first formal tour, the people and fans are like zombies when you perform because they are just beginning to learn the songs.

As you gradually grow as an artist, you should learn how to introduce a record and how to rock the crowd whether they know the record or not. I am excited to rock the crowd with these new records that I have. I have a feeling it is going to be alot of fun.

Well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words before I let you go?

Oh man you say that like I am going to get executed (laughs)


The Influence album, it’s better than all the mixtapes, better than Philaphornia, Frank & Jess, I Luv Cali, it is my best work to date. I am really excited and proud of it and I stand behind it. 2000% I’m behind it and everyone needs to go get that when it drops. If you thought the mixtape was dope, you with love the album, trust me.
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Scoe Interview (Talks The Influence album, favorite moments from his albums)
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