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 Kokane Interview Part 1

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Kokane Interview Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Kokane Interview Part 1   Kokane Interview Part 1 Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 7:23 am

I2G had the honor to chop it up with Kokane for a 2 part interview. In part 1 we discuss his new album, The Legend Continues, which dropped this week, and the 2 follow up albums set to drop soon after, his favorite tracks from his albums, Above The Law and much more so check it out.

Illluminati 2G is here with Jerry Long aka Kokane, how's it going man?

It's going alright man I'm blessed, can't complain.

You have your new project set to drop entitled The Legend Continues. Tell me a little bit about the album.

Actually I am doing something that is really innovative. In conjuction with Stan Sheppard and Tone Struck and of course it is through my label, which is Bud E Boy Entertainment. We are actually putting 3 albums out, one is the new album, The Legend Continues, the next is Back To The Future and the last is Jerry B Long In The Middle Of The Road.

I am using my real name for that project, and we are dropping 3 singles off of each album. It is a different approach to the things that we are doing, but you have to be on the cutting edge of innovation and this way the fans will be able to see alot of visuals on the artists that they have been hearing for years.

Is Back To The Future the same album that you did with J. Silva? I remember him mentioning that album in a interview I did with him a couple years ago and seeing a advertisement for it on the Kurupt and Roscoe album.

Yeah that is the same album that has Cameo, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Devin The Dude, Jadakiss, Crooked I, Too $hort, who I shot a video with a couple months ago called Loving A Pimp. For The Legend Continues album we put out the single and video for My World, but we have a cut out there from the album called Inspiration For Elevation.

That song was a statement that I wanted to make from a socially consicious point of view. It has a political edge to it, kind of like NWA meets Public Enemy. The last cut is a song called Who Is You, which I have Cee-Lo Green and Big Gipp from Goodie Mob on the track, produced by Caviar.

There are alot of things going on and I hope everyone can follow all of it but like I said Who It Is is on the cutting edge of innovation and these days you have to have something different. Especially according to the music industry and right now there is alot of repetitive music on the airwaves. So right now we want to give people the the 6 degrees of Kokane aka Jerry B Long, the most featured artist in the world, a insight into what's really going on and this platform we are going to run with it. It has been a good response so far.

Can you tell us a little more about The Legend Continues album?

Yeah the album is going back to the essence and it is really explaining from a testimonial point of view family structure and making good soulful music. I have minimal guest features on the album because I feel that music needs to get back to where it concentrates on the artist itself as opposed to dropping names.

What I wanted to do with this particular project was to put my family on it, and that is Above The Law. KMG is on there, I got T-Bone and Caviar and that is about it. I think people are going to enjoy the album because with the internet, everything is global now. Alot of people now were blessed to be brought the sound of G-Funk and myself and my cousin Cold 187um are some of the builders of G-Funk.

There is a new generation coming up and it is really time to expose them to the true origins of where music comes from, the influence and where it is going. This album you are going to hear the rebirth of Parliment again and it is going to have something to cater to the grown up movement as well as the younger generation.

I feel like to tap into the interests of the younger generation, we as OG's need to cater and incorporate what we do with what they do and what their interests are as well. I think people will really enjoy the album and the support and response has been real good so far. Because there is no such thing as a hit until you test the market. The things we are doing right now are really setting up the record right.

You mentioned Above The Law earlier. Is there any chance Above The Law is going to do a reunion album in the near future? I know Big Hutch dropped a dope album earlier this year.

Yeah we are working on a new album right now. Above The Law never broke up or went anywhere, just some things happened in people's lives and that is just part of the game. But they are coming back and they have some good, raw material man. Wait till you hear this stuff, it's like they never went anywhere. The mystique is definitely built up with these brothers and you have to understand Above The Law was one of the first people to even say G-Funk.

They were the first to say Ballin on records and different other things that affect the whole world and as a culture shock it affects the world as well. I am just proud to be cut from that family tree and Ruthless as well because it allowed me to stay motivated and learning from Eazy taught me how to never give up and compromise the integrity of where you come from according to your music.

At the same time you always have to be on the cutting edge of innovation, especially when you are creating.

I just wanted to go over a couple albums in your catalogue. You have so many albums but I just wanted to get some favorite moments or tracks from you. First one is Addictive Hip Hop Music.

Yeah the track was called Nickel Slick Nigga and that was the first glimpse the world got on this artist named Kokane. When you first tap into something new, I ain't gonna lie, it was like going to Disneyland. When I first started with Ruthless Records, they had so much controversy and paparazzi on them, that imagine a kid stepping off talent shows quantum leaping into the thick of the music business.

It is exciting just to even think about it, and the first song I did over there..., well I did a 3 song demo and Eazy heard it and signed me through Laylaw, Lawhouse. I then came up with that cut Nickel Slick Nigga, and that was the first video that I had done on Ruthless Records. That was the most exciting track that I can say.

Funk Upon A Rhyme

Oh man there are alot, but the one that is my all time favorite and even now stands to this day is a song called No Pain No Gain. It's a song that I might have done it but God was definitely in that song because still people play that song today and they play it at funerals and other functions. It lets me know that those types of songs are needed to heal the world and people and it is timeless.

I don't take the credit so much for making that song but more so that I give credit to the feelings that God gave me in creating that song, you feel me?

Absolutely. Don't Bite The Funk Volume 1

Wow, which album is that? There is alot of stuff that I have done. What was on that album? You will have to forgive me for being silly right now. There is alot of stuff to where my wife will ask me you remember when you did this song and I am like huh?


I put that to you humbly and there is alot of stuff that I have done in this game and I look back and it is surreal. I am humbled by it because it showed the work ethics, confidence and faith as far as just being passionate about music.

I am trying to think what would be my favorite track off that album. I would probably have to say So Ignorant is my favorite song off that album.

Oh yeah the song with Yukmouth?

Yeah and Kurupt

Also the legendary Nate Dogg rest in peace. That was a cold cut right there, Yukmouth is my guy and he is always coming like a lyrical assassin and we always had good business with each other. I consider that one of my favorites too from that album.

Mr Kane Pt. 2. I know that was a pieced together project from your time at Dogghouse.

Yeah the track Kill Game with WC because me and WC always relate because we both love funky music. Clicking up with WC is like steel sharpening up with steel, he comes with that G apparel in his lyrics and I come with what I do and I am fortunate to be on his new album. The song is What's Good and the streets are loving it.

Painkillers, that was a dope album.

I would have to say G Sense Of Humor. (sings hook) That cut right there man is one that has pain in it. No matter what you go through in life, one of the things that gets you through the trials and tribulations is laughter. In my humble opinion I feel like people that have been through pain and claim victory over it, they always seem to have a great sense of humor.

I don't care what you go through or where you have been, if you can laugh, you can get through anything and that is what my family have been accustomed to doing. I give all credit to my wife and kids because they sacrificed for my career. We weren't always good finanically from time to time, but we were always able to laugh and that laughter kept us through a whole revelation of things.

So that when it took us under, we had that G sense of humor, and that song is one of my all time favorites because it is something that all people can relate to and still to this day.

Check out part 2 of our interview with Kokane as he talks about his other highlights from his albums, his time on Dogghouse, creating the west coast masterpiece, Tha Last Meal with Snoop and how talent does not fall from the tree as his daughter ventures into the music biz.
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Kokane Interview Part 1
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