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 Big Mike Interview

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PostSubject: Big Mike Interview   Big Mike Interview Icon_minitimeThu Oct 27, 2011 4:16 am

I2G chilled with New Orleans legend, Big Mike for a exclusive interview. We dicuss his new mixtape, Full Circle, which you can download below, his upcoming album, Bayou Classic, his discography and his thoughts on Geto Boys and Convicts reunion albums and much more so check it out.

Big Mike- Full Circle Mixtape

Illuminati 2G is here with Big Mike how's it going?

I'm good.

You just recently dropped your new mixtape entitled Full Circle. Tell me a little bit about it.

Full Circle is a collection of songs that I had been working on for the past few years. 21 songs, all original music, a couple features peppered through the project here and there. I think it is really good and the response has been crazy on it so far. I appreciate everyone gravitating towards the project.

Do you have a album that is slated to drop this year?

We are pushing to get the new album up this fall. It is entitled Bayou Classic and I have been working on it for a minute. It's gonna be hot and people should support it and they will appreciate it once they do cop it.

There is a rumor out there that you are starting a new group with you, Young Bleed and Trupain. This there any truth to that?

Nah that is not true.

I know back in the day there was talk about you doing a album with Six-2. What is the latest on that?

Well we had started working on it and it was coming along good, but individual ventures got in the way of us completing that record. Who knows man, I talk to Six-2 from time to time and who knows what we might do in the future to get that record off the ground.

I just wanted to go over with you real quick your catalogue of albums and ask you what are your favorite moments from each. First album is Somethin Serious.

Umm, not one track in particular to be honest. I was proud of that whole album and I can't narrow it down to just one song. Because to me it was about the project collectively.

Still Serious

The same for that one as well. I listen to my albums differently from album to album. I do like All A Dream, I find myself going back to that track alot.

What is some good memories or studio sessions you can remember from Hard To Hit?

Hard To Hit, well I think with the song Sunday Morning that song means alot to me because I was going through a trying time in my life. I found comfort in prayer and I handed the entire situation over to the Lord. I wrote that song out of thanks and respect to God for bringing me through my hardships. I was very proud of that song off that album.

Nawlins Phats

Oh man, I recorded that album right after I came home from the pen. Just being back in the studio period, after being away from it for so long, it was a great experience for me. That whole project was a experience in and of itself.

Keep It Playa

That was not more so a Big Mike project. That was more of a Big Mike Presents album. Because I was recording that project to get the guys around me and out of my camp heard on a bigger scale. So it was more of a compilation effort, but just to see my guys get into the studio and get themselves heard, that was tremendous for me.

Serious As Can Be

Nah Serious As Can Be is not a album that I put my stamp on. What happened was, I was recording some music at a studio, and somehow the computer got hacked and some of my music was missing, next thing you know, there is a bootleg version of a album out on me.

Oh wow

Yeah so that is not a official album from Big Mike, that is some bootleg shit that people had stole from the studio.

I always wondered the background on that album, because it kinda just came outta nowhere so that is good to know.

Yeah those were songs that I was working on and someone must have come to the studio, stole the tracks and next thing you know, we see that shit up online. We have been fighting to get that shit taken down and I don't know why it is still up there, but we are gonna let God handle it.

Rider Music Volume 1

Ahh man just being in the studio with my younger brother. He had alot of tracks on that project. Just seeing him work, getting his feet wet and just the recording process itself. Seeing ideas come together, that was always big for me.

And what about the new album, Bayou Classic? Or is that something that will take some time?

Maan the whole album collectively, I feel like this is my best work up to date. I am not taking anything away from Somethin Serious or my previous work, but on the Bayou Classic album, everything came together so perfectly. The timing was right, and it was a real blessing because this album has alot of different things on it.

I am fond and proud of all the producers and artists that worked with me on this album. For me just to pick one song right now, there is really no song that trumps the other. I feel like all of them are equally tight but right now I have been digging on this joint called All Hands On Everything off that album. But the whole album itself is a beast.

Back in the day you were in the group The Convicts with 3-2. Is there any chance that you guys will reunite and do a album in the future?

Nah that Convicts thing is dead in the water. I appreciate the opportunity The Convicts album gave me back in the day, but it was never a brainchild of mine. That is why we never focused our attention on making another album. But I don't think you will hear a Convicts album any time in the near future.

I know you guys were signed with Death Row back in the day. Is there any unreleased tracks that could be out there that might be released?

Nah pretty much the songs we did while we was down there, they have been leaked over the years. We never had a opportunity to finish a album while we were on Death Row.

Is that a safe bet to say also about you maybe reuniting with the Geto Boys anytime soon, if they were to get back together?

As of right now, no. Once again, I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of that, but once again that was not a brainchild of mine and the group was already established when I came into the picture. It was definitely a good platform for me to launch my career from.

Somethin Serious that album really took off after the Geto Boys album Till Death Do Us Part came out. But to be honest with you, I don't keep up with the other members in the group, unless I see them in passing or something like that. Right now it is all about me and what I am doing right now, my new album Bayou Classic, my new click, The Brigade. I am trying to give my click a chance to shine because they are the future, but who knows, anything is possible in this world.

What is your website information? People can also check me out on there for any show and tour date information as well.

Alright well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

Man I appreciate you for this interview. I want to say God bless to everyone out there, go get that new album, Bayou Classic when it drops. Keep up with me on Facebook, get the Full Circle mixtape, I hope everyone enjoys it. It is for free download, 21 songs strong, not alot of DJ interference so you get to listen to your music without alot of backspins and shouting. Just support the album when it comes out.
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Big Mike Interview
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