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 IRS Auction Of Young Buck's Possessions Earns $53,000

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PostSubject: IRS Auction Of Young Buck's Possessions Earns $53,000   Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:54 am

It looks like a recent IRS auction of Young Buck's goods netted a total of $53,000.

With an impending 18 month bid in prison for gun possession, it's hard to imagine that any worse news could come for Young Buck. Now, it looks like the totals have come in on a recent IRS auction of some of the former G-Unit rapper's possessions.

News Channel 5 reports that a recent IRS auction of a portion of the Nashville rapper's good pulled in a net total of $53,000. The auction included Buck's TVs, album plaques, jewelry, recording equipment and other assorted possessions.

According to the IRS, the piece that earned the highest price at the auction was Buck's 615 Cashville chain, which netted $12,600. The chain, which can be seen above in the picture, had been previously appraised at $20,000.

Last year, news broke that Buck was facing Chapter 7 liquidation. The rapper's trademarked name was also sold in the auction.

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IRS Auction Of Young Buck's Possessions Earns $53,000
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